6 Top Birding Hotspots in Australia

Australia is home to some of the most magnificent birds on the planet. Looking to observe a Cassowary or an Emu, or an assortment of other

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Why Having a Local Bird Guide is a Good Idea

When planning for a bird-watching trip, we work out the logistics of it to the minutest detail for an immersive experience. The basics like cameras, lenses,

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Bird Profile: Black-Cheeked Lovebird

The black-cheeked lovebird is a small parrot that is endemic to a small area of deciduous mopane forests in southwest Zambia. Being a member of the

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Reason for the Stresemann’s Bushcrow Restricted Area

Despite the fact that Africa has an extensive region covered with savanna flatlands, the preferred habitat for the Stresemann’s bushcrow, this crow continues to confine

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Six Birding Hotspots to Visit in Colombia

Columbia has the distinct title of having more bird species than any other nation on earth. The country has nearly 20% of the world’s bird

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